Why Book Us


Our large fully equipped trailer was specifically designed for outdoor events and for serving lots of people very quickly, all under cover.

There are 5 fixed viewing stations and an additional 20 hand-held viewing tablets, so up to 25 people can be reviewing their photos at any one time. Added to this we have 3 fixed sales stations for handling the customer sales. That minimises the waiting time and keeps customers happy.


Like all photography company’s, we scale up our staffing to cover the size of events as necessary. However our core team consists of a previous winner of British Dressage Photographer of the Year and two photographers who have Premier League football licenses. Whilst we encourage and often have apprentices working with us, they do so for experience – we don’t sell their images unless they are working  and therefore getting paid.

Prices and products

Having done extensive (and continual) research on the subject our prices are generally substantially below that of other company’s offering a similar service, and our on-site product range is almost always wider. That gives your participants a better range of things to buy, and at a lower price.

Promoting your venue / event

With all on-site print sales we give away a complimentary plastic ‘credit card’ . This card has the customers purchased photo on one side, and the venue / event details on the other side. A nice way to keep your details in peoples wallets or purses.

We also have our own merchandising facilities in our office. So.. if you’re looking for low volumes of personalised hoodies, T-shirts mugs etc to promote your venue or event, then look no further ! These are particularly popular for annual shows or special events where participants want a memento.


All our camera’s are equipped with long range wifi units. That means that (in almost all situations !) we can shoot the photo and have it available for viewing in our trailer within 10 seconds. In fact, we often show the images as they come in, live on our big screen in the trailer, generating a real buzz.

Walkie Talkies

We have 30+ fully licensed long range walkie talkies which we use at events. Need to borrow some ?  No problem – we usually have 15-20 spare.